Gentrification & raids in Deptford

What do these things have in common?

  • the rise in immigration raids
  • yuppie development schemes with silly names
  • the influx of hipster bars
  • police stop & searching local youth
  • removal of the anchor from Deptford High Street

= they spit on the poor to make way for the rich.

Like other places across inner London, rapid changes are happening in Deptford that involve clearing us out to make way for the rich. The rich need cheap places to open their businesses and expensive places to spend their money. This means: yuppie flats, hipster bars and overpriced shops. But first of all, they need to get rid of the rest of us.

This means: pricing people out the area, shutting down libraries and job centres, installing CCTV on every corner, raiding homes and shops, detaining & deporting migrants without the ‘right’ papers , fining and closing down local businesses , then taking over the lease on the properties.

This is why immigration raids are now happening every day across London, with areas like Deptford, Brixton, Walworth and Peckham especially being targetted. It’s no coincidence that these areas are also frontlines of gentrification. Media scare stories about migrants & refugees serve to distract us from the real problems we face: a city run by the rich, for the rich; and turn our anger towards easier targets.

In Deptford, immigration officers, police and council workers have been charging about like bulls in a china shop. They’ve been raiding properties on the high street, barging into people’s homes on dubious grounds like ‘fire safety regulations’, while opportunistically trying to catch people for immigration & other offences at the same time. And anyone who has witnessed these raids knows just how racist they are.

People aren’t just taking this lying down. Across South London, people have worked together to physically prevent raids and evictions. The Anti Raids Network challenges immigration raids and checks in London, providing information on people’s rights in many languages and encouraging people to come together and stand up to the uniformed bullies in their area.


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